Government statistics show that 60% of burglaries fail when an alarm is not fitted properly. It therefore makes sense to protect your property with an intruder alarm fitted by R. Lyons Electrical Limited.

With many years experience in the Intruder Alarm market, and as a local Intruder Alarm installing company, R. Lyons Electrical Limited are the obvious ideal choice.

We offer a range of options tailored to meet your requirements from a small home systems to a complete commercial solution.

All intruder alarms are fitted to new European Standards and audited under our stringent installation policy.

We offer a wide range of solutions for intruder alarms from a basic system with just a few zones to multi-site applications that integrate with your IT network and other business processes.

Working closely with the best in the business enables us to offer a complete solution from consultation and design right through to installation and maintenance.


In many cases we can provide a better level of service than your current supplier at a lower cost and include more.

There are a number of options for your alarm signaling:

Audible Only

The system is fitted with an audible bell which will sound when the alarm is activated.


When the alarm is activated the system will place a call with a ‘Central Station’. The ‘Central Station’ will then alert a key holder.

Digital Monitoring

Digital Monitoring provides constant monitoring of the telephone line through the Digital Monitoring Centre. The alarm works as a standard monitored system.

GSM Monitored

This provides two possible forms of notification if the alarm is activated. Firstly using the telephone line as with a standard monitored alarm. There is also a monitored GSM connection to the alarm in case the telephone is cut.

Why buy maintenance for your alarm ?

We often get asked this question by potential customers. First of all, depending on your business profile it will probably be a requirement from your insurance company. When compared with maintenance on other business equipment alarm maintenance contracts are extremely cost effective and offer you peace of mind where your business security is concerned.

As a local supplier you can be assured of the highest standards at all times. Most major insurers will reduce the cost of your insurance if your alarm is properly maintained.

We offer two types of contract depending on your requirements. Labour only or part and labour.

Most organisations already have a maintainer for their alarm, most are not local companies, whatever your current arrangements we can takover the maintenance, in many cases reducing the cost and improving the service. Please contact us to find out more.